Thursday, January 17, 2008

Carved Antler Magnetic Sewing Needle Holder

Dave carved this needle holder from the base part of a shed deer antler. It is commonly referred to by various names including the antler bur, antler button or antler rosette and it is located right at the growing point on the deer head. During the shedding process this rosette calcifies cutting off blood to the antler causing it to dry and eventually fall off after the mating season.

This carved rosette needle minder is approx 1 ½ inches in diameter and has a Rare Earth magnet hidden within. The second part backing piece is turned from purpleheart wood and also has a Rare Earth Magnet inset.

Dave uses shed antlers which naturally fall off the animal each year after the breeding season. They grow back during spring and summer and are fully developed again by the fall breeding season. After that, they are shed and the process repeated again for the next years growth.

This item is currently up for auction on If you would like to view this auction, please click the link below.

Carved Antler magnetic Sewing Needle Holder