Friday, March 07, 2008

Fine Silver Inlay Tatting Shuttle

The classic warm feeling of exoctic wood with the elegance of fine silver. This is a petite shuttle, only 2 1/4 inches long. Dave carved it from Goncalo Alves wood and inlaid it with a fine silver filigree disc, which was made by Jo. Jo uses Silver Precious Metal Clay which she shapes and fires in the kiln at 1650 degrees. The organic clay binders burn away melting the silver particals together into solid 99.9 % pure FINE SILVER. This shuttle has been initialed and dated by Dave.

Goncalo Alves wood grows in the upland forest of many regions from Mexico and Central America to Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, and Ecuador.

This shuttle is currently up for auction on If you would like to view this more photos of this item, please click the link below.

Fine silver Inlay Tatting Shuttle on