Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hand Painted Porcelain Magnetic Needle Minder

Being a scrimshaw artist, it is probably obvious that Dave likes to work in miniatures. He hand crafted this unique porcelain OOAK 2 piece magnet needle holder and hand painted a lighthouse by moonlight scene on it with porcelaine paint. To firmly bond the paint, the disc is oven baked at 300 degrees. The back piece also has a rare earth magnet inset into a turned Rosewood finger grip for pulling the two pieces apart.

Rare earth magnets are about 8 to 10 times stronger than regular craft type magnets. Keep this needle holder away from your computer, credit cards and pacemakers.

This needle minder is currently up for auction on If you would like to view more photos of this item, please click the link below.

Hand Painted Porcelain Magnetic Needle Minder at