Sunday, March 30, 2008

Latest Additions to the Cache

Thanks to all of our wonderful patrons, we've had to add more fossil ivory and beads to our "Grizzly Mountain Cache" Etsy shop!

One of the fossil ivory items added, is a beautiful ingot of mammoth ivory. Dave shaped and finished this piece so it can be worn as is, or it is ready for you to try your hand at scrimshaw. Other fossil ivory lots recently added, are eleven lots of fossil shards that would be ideal for wire wrappers or carvers.

When I make my tribally inspired jewelry, I tend to use the more imperfect looking supplies as I feel that in their imperfection, they are perfect. The newly added Terra Cotta blue beads are a fine example of this. When you look through our galleries of sold items on our website, you can quickly identify what I (Jo) make, and what Dave makes, as his work is precise and polished and mine is....not so much :)

If you'd like to take a look at our newest Cache items, please click the link below.

Grizzly Mountain Cache--Primitive Supplies and Other Unusual Findings