Monday, March 24, 2008

Mahogany and Carved Deer Antler Lace Bobbin

Our newest bobbin is a long 4 ¾ inch Continental style lace bobbin. Dave uses this mahogany wood sparingly since it is from an old ships timber he found washed up on the Oregon coast while beach combing. The insert is carved deer antler. It is drilled for a spangle and has been initialed and dated by Dave. This bobbin is up for auction on If you would like to view this auction, please click the link below.

We use shed antlers which naturally fall off the animal each year after the breeding season. They grow back during spring and summer and are fully developed again by the fall breeding season. After that, they are shed and the process repeated again for the next years growth.
Mahogany and Carved Antler Lace Bobbin on