Monday, March 31, 2008

The Return of "Grasshopper"

I try to keep my blog posts strictly business, but my frequent readers will remember a previous post where I vented my frustrations about Dave's "copycat". Well, he's baaaaack!

For weeks, Dave pondered.....drew plans on graph paper.....thought some more, all in preparation of what he considers to be one of his best works, the Moby Dick Tatting Shuttle and Harpoon Picot Hook set. There had been several other attempts at recreating some of Dave's other popular shuttles by this Ebay seller before, so when he was ready to list Moby on Ebay, he added a statement of copyright. Can you believe, that this Ebay seller has copied not only the whale and harpoon picot hook idea, but also the copyright statement!

This seller contacted Dave on several occasions very early on in his copying career, subtlety asking questions about this or that and Dave being the nice guy he is, was more than friendly in his replies. Even now when I try and convince him to go through the proper channels to report this flagrant artistic disrespect through the VeRo process, he declined to do so. I recently discovered that this person has even started a new blog all about his tatting shuttles!

I assume, that since Grasshopper has obviously studied everything Dave has done, that he reads this blog. If he does, I have a little advice......karma is a bitch!