Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dave's Button Baskets

This is Dave’s latest little creation! A basket for your buttons featuring a vintage button lid center piece.

Most people think that all our baskets are my art pieces but alas…Dave stitches also and has much more patience and a longer attention span than I. Dave says “give an ole sailor a needle and he can mend a sail, splice a rope, scrimshaw a whales tooth or make you a basket”.

We hand make our baskets with Oregon Ponderosa Pine needles tightly stitched with waxed artificial flat sinew. The needles for this little basket have been dyed and a vintage copper button is used for the lids focal centerpiece. The basket measures 2 ¾ inches across by 2 ¼ inches high and features a fancy Wheat Stitch binding. The Wheat stitch requires 2 -3 times longer in making a basket than the standard plain straight stitch binding.

Oh, and for the record, when something goes wrong…. Dave can also cuss like a sailor!