Friday, July 18, 2008

Handmade Colorful Celluloid Tatting Shuttle

Clyde!! Look what Dave did!! Ever since you mentioned that you would like to see a post tatting shuttle made out of celluloid, Dave has been "at the drawing board" trying to figure out how to make one that would meet his strict requirements of clicking ends.

Dave has hand crafted this little 1 3/4 inch post shuttle out of colorful golden/green swirl celluloid. The way that the celluloid is cut the pattern of no two can come out the same. He had noted, that on many vintage celluloid shuttles the blades are thin and very flexible and the shuttle ends tend to open up. To help counter this problem with celluloid, he has made this shuttle shorter with thicker blades that remain more rigid.

This gorgous little shuttle has been initialed and dated by Dave, the maker. You can find this shuttle currently up for auction on Ebay!