Monday, August 11, 2008

Ebay Policy on Buying and Selling Fossil Ivory Items

Some of you may have noticed recently that one of our Ebay auction items was removed. It has since been relisted, but with United States only shipping.
While it is perfectly legal to buy and ship mammoth ivory internationally, Ebay policy prohibits non-US buyers from bidding on ANY ivory items in the US and prohibits us from offering international shipping. Likewise, this same policy prohibits NON-US SELLERS from offering or shipping ANY ivory items to Ebay buyers located in the US and prohibits US buyers from bidding on ivory items offered by NON-US SELLERS !!! This pertains ONLY to our Ebay auctions NOT our Etsy shop.

Fossil ivory items will still be for sale to our international customers in our Etsy shop and through commissions.
This certainly is disappointing for us, but we want to continue our close relationship with Ebay and will abide by these regulations. It is our understanding that this policy was instituted after wildlife conservation groups alleged that elephant ivory was being sent into and out of the U.S. as fossil ivory. Rather than try to differentiate which ivory was permissible, Ebay chose to ban the international shipping of all ivory regardless of age and species.

Update:  Etsy has now banned the sale of all fossil ivory products.  We will now be selling our fossil ivory items from this site via PayPal.