Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We've Been Featured!

I logged into my email this morning and found a wonderful surprise! We've been featured in "Rocki's Rock'N Blog"!

Rocki is a kindred spirit that loves to create using organic and earthy elements in her jewelry. My favorite piece, is her "Even Squares Love Peace" artisan hand formed silver pendant necklace. I spent many a day back in the early 70's wearing "Peace" symbols, but none of them were as wonderful as Rocki's handmade metalwork pendants. Rocki also creates beautiful signature "Elfin Earwires" that she sells in her "Rocki's Supplies" shop, along with handmade clasps.

Thank you SO much Rocki, for featuring us on your blog! Oh, and for the record--NO, he does NOT do dishes nor windows! LOL