Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blue Mammoth Ivory Nalbinding Knitting Needle

Rare BLUE Mammoth ivory nalbinding needle with inlaced brass rune. This Rune symbol is EIHWAZ , a very powerful rune of banishing and protection. The ivory is at least 10,000 years old. It is initialed by Dave, the maker. Perfect for SCA Ren-Faire!

What is Nalbinding? According to Wikipedia , Nålebinding (Danish: literally "binding with a needle" or "needle-binding", also naalbinding or naalebinding) is a fabric creation technique predating both knitting and crochet. Also known in English as "knotless netting," "knotless knitting," [1] or "single needle knitting," the technique is distinct from crochet in that it involves passing the full length of the working thread through each loop, unlike crochet where the work is formed only of loops, never involving the free end. Archaeological specimens of fabric made by nålebinding can be difficult to distinguish from knitted fabric.