Friday, September 05, 2008

An Open Letter to Our Unethical Ebay Competitor

It's only on rare occasions that I speak out on this blog about personal matters. This time though I think it's necessary.

Everyone knows how cutthroat and competitive Ebay can be when it comes to selling. We have a competitor (who reads this blog, yes I, Jo, am a geek and track everything) who seems to think reporting our items to have them pulled from Ebay, will lessen the competitive field.

I really hate to burst this persons bubble, but ALL of our Ebay listings are LEGAL. Fossil ivory is LEGAL to ship within the US according to Ebay rules and regulations. Even though it is LEGAL to ship worldwide, Ebay only allows the sale of fossil ivory within the US. Bone items, are LEGAL to ship worldwide.

We are busy now responding to our latest item that was removed which was a BONE laying tool. To the person that turned this item in, did you know that YOU can be removed from Ebay for maliciously reporting an item? Well, you can!

Reporting your competitor's items for malicious reasons is NOT a very good business strategy.