Saturday, October 18, 2008

"Sasquatch" the Big Foot Lace Tatting Shuttle

You can't live near Suttle Lake in the Cascades and not know about Sasquatch!

While making this monster 4 ¼ inch shuttle, Dave was inspired by the legends of Big Foot roaming the wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest, so he named it the “Sasquatch”.

This shuttle is similar in size to the popular large plastic Tatsy shuttle, but it is made out of Oregon Myrtlewood. Dave has burn etched our Cascade Mountains logo on one side and a “Big Foot” print on the other. It has been initialed and dated by Dave, the maker.

Oregon Myrtlewood is a broadleaf evergreen native to Southwestern Oregon and Northwestern California. Although different, Oregon Myrtlewood has a lot of similarities to the Myrtlewood growing in the Holy Land. Oregon Myrtlewood became popular for making gift items back in the early 1900’s. Oregon Myrtlewood possesses a wide variety of beautiful colors and grain patterns and is noted by many as being one of the world’s most beautiful woods. The colors range from blond to black with many shades of honey, browns, grays, reds and greens in between. Oregon woodworkers have developed a small cottage industry making handcrafted Myrtle wood products and gifts for visitors. Many beautiful gifts and works of art crafted out of Myrtlewood. In the Bible, the Myrtle tree is of special religious significance, representing fertility and life.