Monday, December 29, 2008

Medieval Norse Fossil Mammoth Ivory Nalbinding Needle

Made with love on Grizzly Mountain!

Here's another new item for our Etsy shop! I think Dave is on a nalbinding needle roll!

Dave has carved this nalbinding needle from fossil mammoth ivory and has adorned it with a scrimshawed Celtic motif.  This and other handmade fiber art tools can be found in our Etsy shop.

Carved Tagua Nut Hedgehog Thimble Holder

Dave hand carved this little Hedgehog thimble holder out of a Tagua Nut (South American Palm). Tagua Nut is commonly called “vegetable ivory” because it can be carved and scrimshawed like regular ivory. With time and use it will develop a patina like regular ivory and the relief carvings will become even more pronounced. 

This little hedgehog is approx 2 ¼ inches long by 1 ½ inches wide. Since this auction will end in 2009, Dave has initialed and dated it for the new year. To view more photos of this item, please click here.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

12 New Nalbinding Needles!

Dave has been busy! He has just completed 12 new nalbinding needles that are now listed in the "Fiber Art Tools" section of our Etsy shop.

Some of our wonderful customers had mentioned that they use their needles during SCA events, so with that in mind, Dave has tried to create needles that look like ancient Medieval Norse relics. No two shards of fossil walrus ivory are alike, so each handcrafted needle is a one of a kind treasure.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ebony and Mother of Pearl Tatting Shuttle

Dave handcrafted this 3 inch tatting shuttle out of black Ebony wood.  He has inlayed a Mother of Pearl diamond on each side.

This shuttle has been initialed by Dave, the maker.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Personalized Celtic Ogham Scrimshaw on Fossil Ivory Pendant

This Personalized Celtic Ogham Fossil Mammoth Ivory Pendant is a new item for us!

In the pendant photographed above, Dave has scrimshawed the name "Beth" into fossil mammoth ivory. The name "Beth" on this display piece, is written using the Celtic Ogham alphabet.

Our 1 inch long fossil mammoth ivory pendants can be personalized with almost any name. Each pendant hangs from a ball chain and will arrive in a gift box. If you are interested in having a personalized pendant, please visit our Etsy shop for more information.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Handcrafted Lace Bobbin with Turquoise and Bone Spangle

Dave hand crafted this 4 ¼ inch lace bobbin out of joined walnut and stabilized maple wood. JoAnna has made the beaded spangle using an old inlayed Yak bone bead from Tibet , turquoise and carnelian beads. It is initialed by Dave, the maker.  If you would like to view more photos of this item, please click here.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Ebony Crochet Picot Hook

Dave hand crafted this picot hook out of ebony and red swirl celluloid with a #14 steel crochet hook inset. It is ideal as a tatting shuttle picot accessory hook for fine thread work. It is approximately 5 inches in length.

Black Widow Ebony Tatting Shuttle

Dave hand crafted this 2 1/2 inch shuttle out of black ebony wood. It has been inlayed with a brass widows web on the top and a red/black swirl celluloid hourglass on the bottom. It was a little difficult to catch the light just right to show the red hourglass inlay in the photo. It has been initialed and dated by Dave, the maker. Please click here to view more photos of this shuttle.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Ebony and Imitation Tortoise Shell Crochet Hook Size H 5.00mm

Dave hand crafted this Size H (5.00 mm) hook from Ebony and imitation tortoise shell celluloid. It is approx 6 ¼ inches in length.  This beautiful crochet hook is currently up for auction on Ebay.

Ebony and Black Gold Swirl Crochet Hook Size G 4.00mm

Dave has hand crafted this Size G (4.00 mm) hook from Ebony and Black Gold Swirl celluloid. The amount of gold color changes with the angle of the light.  It is approx 6 ¼ inches in length and is currently up for auction on Ebay.

We've Won an Award!

Rocki, of RockisRocknBeads, has given our blog the "Butterfly Award"!  We are so honored and hope you will all take a little time to go check out her blog :)

Thank you, Rocki!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Fiddleback Maple Cameo Tatting Shuttle

This type of wood grain pattern is often called "Fiddleback" because it is used in making expensive violins. It is also refered to as Tiger Stripe Maple or Curly Maple.

Dave handcrafted this 2 5/8 inch tatting shuttle out of this beautifully grained maple and inset a resin cameo. It has been initialed and dated by Dave, the maker.

Please click here to view more photos of this tatting shuttle.