Thursday, January 08, 2009

Celtic Good Day, Bad Day Scrimshaw Ogham Pendant

Everybody has their "GOOD DAYS" and also their "BAD DAYS". Now you can express your moods quietly in Irish Gaelic written in the ancient Ogham Tree Alphabet.

Dave has created this unique reversible carved bone ogham pendant just for those occasions! When you're in a good mood, you can wear the side out that says "SONAS" in Gaelic, which means "HAPPINESS". When you're in a bad mood (perhaps because of your boss), you can wear the side out that says "Pog Mo Thoin", which in Gaelic means "KISS ME ARSE"! With this unique pendant you can now make a fashion statement while your telling someone to kiss off in ancient ogham!

Ogham is read from the bottom up when written in the vertical and sometimes a symbol such as an X or arrow might be used to indicate the starting point at the bottom. To help you quickly distinguish which side to wear, Dave as used a symbol at the bottom of each ogham--an "up turned curve" symbol to indicate a smile, and on the reverse side a "down turned curve" symbol, for a frown.

This bone pendant hangs from a Hill Tribe silver jump ring and 30" black satin cord. The cord is easily removable if you have a favorite chain you prefer to use. A gift box is included with your purchase.

We hope you have many good days filled with Irish blessings, but on the days you don't.....well, you know ;)