Sunday, February 15, 2009

What's Dave Been Up to Lately?

You may have noticed that Dave hasn't had many items up for auction on Ebay lately, but that's not because he's not working. He has been creating up a storm in his studio! I keep trying to get him to let me take a photo of his workspace, but he gets a panicked look on his face and says "Nooooo"! LOL

One of the projects he's been working on is the beautiful set shown above that was commissioned by one of our wonderful patrons. The ruler is scrimshaw on bone and the scissor fob features scrimshaw on fossil mammoth ivory. The focal bead on the fob is fossil walrus which has been accented with small bone beads and amethysts. East Indian Rosewood was used for the tatting shuttle, which also has the teddy bear scrim'd on fossil mammoth ivory.

Dave is nearly finished with his last commission, which was a large order from a tatting shuttle collector, so you should be seeing some new auctions soon! I'll be sure and post them here when he has them ready :)