Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Golden Dragonfly Lace Tatting Shuttle

Real gold? Yes, real gold! Many of our customers already know we like to recycle, up-cycle and use found materials in some of our pieces, so when Dave had a $900 gold crown recently replaced, he made sure he walked out of the dentists office with his old gold crown in his pocket to use as inlay. Gold crowns usually vary between 14 and 18 karat gold.

Dave handcrafted this 2 5/8 inch tatting shuttle out of a beautiful piece of figured maple wood (also called curly maple, tiger or fiddleback maple). He then carved out the dragonfly and inlayed it with fine grains of gold that he filed off of his old gold crown. Don’t worry…he heated it up to white hot with a torch to soften it so any germs are long gone :) Since Dave had this crown for over 10 years, you might say its like getting a piece of the artist in your shuttle! Maybe he can get enough inlays out of this old crown to pay for the new one!!

This truly unique tatting shuttle has been initialed and dated by Dave, and can be found currently up for auction on Ebay.