Saturday, June 06, 2009

Hitty Doll Carved Bone Quill Pen & Lapis Inkwell

Have you been looking for an inkwell and quill pen for your Hitty desk?
Among Hitty’s gifts from her First Hundred Years was.. "...a quill pen out of a feather shed by a neighbor's parrot...". The feather is described as "...a green so bright, with a touch of scarlet thrown in...".

Dave carved this miniature feather quill pen out of Buffalo bone and used some of his colored scrimshaw inks to dye it green with a touch of scarlet. One can’t very well have a quill pen without an inkwell, so he turned this miniature ink bottle out of Truestone lapis lazuli. Truestone is crushed lapis powder mixed with resin making it a composite material that can be carved or turned on a lathe.

The feather measures 2 inches long and the inkwell is approx 3/8 inch high and 7/16 inch diameter on the bottom.
More photos of this hand carved quill and inkwell can be found at the Ebay auction listing.