Monday, June 15, 2009

Unique Hand Carved Classical Sewing Threadwinder

Dave has handcrafted and carved this walnut thread winder and storage barrel in a classical style. Overall it is 5 ¼ inches long, and features a winder and a barrel to protect and keep your thread clean.
This fiber art tool is different from older thread winder/holders where the barrel is held on by a screw on/off finial, as this winder is MAGNETIC!!! (ask Dave who's idea THAT was! LOL) Dave inset a hidden small powerful rare earth magnet in the end of the winder and fixed another inside the end of the barrel. Just insert the winder into the barrel and it SNAPS the unit firmly closed. This one of a kind tool has been initialed and dated by Dave. More photos can be found at the Ebay auction listing.