Sunday, August 02, 2009

Masur Birch Bobbin Tatting Shuttle

This rare and highly decorative wood comes from Finland. Birch trees may be attacked by beetles and produce pitch flecks in the cambium layer. These dark markings can produce unusual grain patterns standing out in contrast against the lighter colored background of the wood.
This shuttle is 2 ½ inches in overall length, with a #14 steel crochet/picot hook inset in the nose. Dave has also inlayed a dot of Truestone turquoise in the butt. Truestone is fine powdered turquoise that has been cast with resin making a composite material that can be turned on a lathe or hand worked. The bobbin is a common Class 66 plastic singer bobbin. More bobbins can be purchased at Walmart or any of the many sewing stores. The tension/drag on the bobbin can be adjusted by the brass screw post axle. This beautiful tatting shuttle has been finished with a handrubbed satin bees wax finish.

More photos of this tatting shuttle may be seen at the current Ebay auction.