Friday, November 13, 2009

"Cumulus Clouds" Ceramic Support Spindle Bowl

This is another of our new ceramic support spinning bowls. The glaze on this bowl is called "Cumulus Clouds" and it really has that beautiful blue sky and clouds effect! As with our other ceramic spindle bowls, this unique bowl is priced at $19 and shipping is FREE!

When researching support spinning bowls for Russian and Tibetan style spindles, we found that there are two important attributes that need to be incorporated into the bowl. One, is the reduction in friction by creating a ceramic glazed surface--don't forget, wood spinning on wood is how boy scouts start fires :) Second, the bowl needs to be stable to keep from constantly tipping while the spindle spins.

Our cone shaped bowl measures 3 inches in diameter across the bottom with a recessed well to support the spindle on top. An additional photo of this bowl can be found in our Grizzly Mountain Arts Etsy shop.