Sunday, November 15, 2009

Native Totem Spool Knitter

This four brass pin totem
spool knitter , also called a knitting nancy, was inspired and adapted from actual Native American symbol pictographs and rock art. Dave crafted it from poplar wood, with purpleheart and rosewood accents. It is approximately 4 ½ inches tall and is accompanied by a 5 ¼ inch loop lifter made of purpleheart wood with a truestone turquoise accent ring.

The deity Kokopelli plays his flute and dances around the bottom of the knitter while above him, four Shaman hold hands and also dance in a circle to his music. Above them ,various native spiritual or mystical symbols circle the knitter. While Kokopelli is mostly known as a fertility deity, he is also known as a “spirit of music”. More photos of this stunning fiber art tool can be found at the Ebay auction listing.