Tuesday, December 15, 2009

News and Newsletters

Have you heard of Ravelry.com? One of our thoughtful customers posted a photo in the forum of Ravelry of a drop spindle she had purchased, which in turn led to an invitation to join! Dave is really enjoying dropping in several times a day to answer questions and chat with other members. Even though Ravelry is a knitting and crocheting community, there is a group L.A.C.E., Lacers Always Creating Entanglements, for our friends that tat!

That's the news, so now for the newsletter! We have had several of our wonderful patrons ask if we had a newsletter, well now we do! To sign up, just enter your email address in the box located in the right hand side bar of this page. We will send emails announcing when new items are added to our Etsy shop and when items are listed for sale via Ebay auction. Needless to say, we will NOT use your email address for any other purpose.