Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Two New Pear Whorl Takli Spindles

Tulipwood Pear Takli Support or Drop Spindle

The Tulipwood whorl of the pear Takli support spindle above is as beautiful as a flower! Tulipwood is a very dense wood, so this spindle weights a heavy 1.7 ounces (48g). The shaft of this spindle is Jatoba, and a brass hook has been inserted so this support spindle can also be used as a drop spindle. Redheart was the wood chosen for the tip, and it matches the Tulipwood perfectly! The overall length of this gorgeous spindle is twelve inches.

In the photo below, is another beautiful pear whorl Takli spindle that was was a commissioned piece. A lovely piece of Tiger Maple was used to craft the pear whorl, and a stunning piece of stabilized Spalted Maple was used to create the tip.

Tiger Maple Pear Takli Spindle