Friday, March 26, 2010

Cherry and Birch Bottom Whorl Drop Spindle

Beautifully carved checkering adorns the Cherry whorl of this bottom whorl drop spindle. The whorl measures three inches in diameter. The twelve inch Birch shaft has a "Notch and Slot", also known as a T-notch and a brass bumper. The weight of this spindle is 1.9 ounces.
If you enjoy using a half hitch instead of a hook on your drop spindle, but don't like having to spin off the side of your spindle top, you need a "Notch and Slot". Dave has carved a few of these on special requests from customers and has decided to offer the unique tip on some of his spindles here on Etsy. The notch allows you to firmly attach your half hitch loop and the slot allows your yarn to spin suspended on "dead center" of the spindle tip. The half hitch is quick to attach and quickly comes free without fumbling. The "Notch and Slot" is also ideal on these longer shaft spindles when you want to spin by rolling off the thigh and not having to worry about the hook catching on your clothes.