Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Ebony and Fossil Mammoth Ivory Mini Phang Support Spindle

This 8 inch mini phang support spindle  was crafted from ebony. It has been inlayed with fossil mammoth ivory. This beautiful handspinning tool weights 1.6 ounces (44 grams).

**What is fossil ivory?**

Fossil ivory is ancient ivory whose composition has changed from ivory to mineral. Care should be taken to distinguish fossil ivory from recent ivory which has yellowed or discolored. Fossil ivory (including walrus, mammoth and mastodon) and other archaeological and paleontological materials are regulated by an array of Federal and State laws. These items may not be collected on any Federal or
State lands. Fossil ivory may be collected on private lands with the permission of the land owner, and is not regulated under the Marine Mammals Protection Act. Fossil ivory does not have to be tagged or registered. Anyone may sell fossil ivory without first handcrafting it.

**Where do we get our fossil ivory?**

Ancient walrus and mammoth tusks are dug out of the permafrost or bone mounds by Alaskan and Siberian natives annually during the summer thaw and sold to subsidize their family or village income. We buy our ancient walrus ivory shards from ivory buyers that travel to the St. Lawrence Island area to buy from the ivory co-ops.

**Learn more about fossil ivory**

If you would like to learn more about fossil ivory, please visit the link below:

"Fresh" ivory and elephant ivory will never be used in any of the artwork created by Grizzly Mountain Arts.