Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Raven's Egg Support Spindle

Dave has named this beautiful 1.0 ounce (27 gram) egg whorl support spindle "The Raven's Egg".  He has scrimshawed the alternative ivory egg whorl with two depictions of a raven.  The 10" shaft was crafted from ebony.

Dave spends hours painstakingly etching with a needle on each egg, so the prices will vary depending on how much scrimshaw is on each egg. 

The egg whorl of this support spindle was crafted by Dave from an alternative ivory composite material created by him using a formula of resin, calcium carbonate (powdered limestone) and recycled mammoth ivory dust that he collects from his carvings and sawing of mammoth ivory. He casts the alternative ivory material into turning blanks, then turns the egg shape whorl together with the wooden shaft for balance.