Sunday, August 09, 2015

Carved Moose Antler and Katalox Bead Whorl Support Spindle

**Due to export restrictions of wildlife materials, we cannot ship products crafted from antler outside of the U.S.**

This beautiful bead whorl support spindle has a 1x1 1/2 inch moose antler whorl that Dave has carved with a rose and leaf motif. He crafted the 10 1/2 inch long shaft from katalox. The weight of this spindle is 1.4 ounces (41 grams).

When constructing his spindles, Dave mounts the spindle whorl blank on the shaft, and then turns and shapes the whorl and shaft together to achieve a well balanced spindle. In addition, he further spin balances each spindle by embedding a counterweight, when needed, in the underside of the whorl. He also spin balances them in one of our ceramic inserts.

**Moose antlers are naturally shed each year, so no moose were harmed to create this spindle.**