Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cascade Collection Tatting Shuttle

Dave has recently added an airbrush system to his studio, and as such has added a new line of tatting shuttles he is calling his Cascade Collection. Three of these new tatting shuttles are on the way to our Etsy shop.

Dave was inspired by the Fernware shuttles made in Mauchline, Scotland during the 19th century. The unique shuttles, sewing notions and boxes were decorated by using real fern leaves and other floral leaves in a reverse stenciling technique to develop beautiful designs that were shaped by nature. Since we live in the heart of the Cascade Mountain region and have an abundance of ferns and other floral leaves available, Dave wanted to reproduce an artisan shuttle similar to the antique shuttles once produced in Scotland. His Cascade Collection shuttles will include those with designs on a single side as well as some with double sides. He hopes to expand the collection to include other fiber tools such as spindles and spool knitters.