Lil Rascal Handy Winder Tatting Shuttle

Dave's hands are large and when he makes these petite 2 ¼ inch shuttles he has trouble holding on to them so he started calling them his “Lil Rascals”. He thought that some tatters who like the small shuttles may have the same problem while loading them with thread so he has added a handy screw-in finger holder to help you load the shuttle. He wishes he could take credit for inventing this but alas, it is based on a design by a German shuttle maker. He also wishes he could say these are easy to make, but as you might guess, they take a bit of engineering so he can't predict how often he will be putting them up for auction.

This petite shuttle is made from Birdseye Maple and the eye patterns stand out very clearly. You will note that the shuttle does not have the usual thread hole in the post. This is because the screw receiver had to be inset into the shuttle post to receive the threaded handle. Dave turned the handle from joined East Indian Rosewood, Birdeye Maple and colorful celluloid accent rings.

This Lil Rascal Handy Winder Tatting Shuttle is currently up for auction on Please click the link below if you would like to view this auction

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